Andrew Jarecki Failed to Provide Crucial Evidence To Investigators

At the start of the reinvestigation of Jesse Friedman’s case led by Nassau County District Attorney, four experts were assigned to the official Review Team in order to cover every aspect of the case, the Review Team sought to utilize every available source.  When they contacted Andrew Jarecki, the controversial film director of Capturing the Friedmans, the Review Team was promised information from the victim interviews conducted by Jarecki, that would “greatly benefit the review team’s efforts.”

Throughout the reinvestigation, Andrew Jarecki proved to be non-compliant, requesting unrealistic demands concerning his role in the reinvestigation.  As a result, the promised information from Andrew Jarecki, did not emerge.  In fact, only snippets of recorded interviews were given by Anew Jarecki.  Multiple key interviews conducted by Jarecki were never shared at all, according to the Review Team:

Andrew Jarecki

Understand the real story behind Andrew Jarecki and the intentions of his film. His manipulative efforts show his complete disregard for the victims and families involved.  Learn more about the deceit and lies of Andrew Jarecki on YouTube.



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