“He Felt ‘Tricked’ By Andrew Jarecki”

In the Conviction Integrity Review: People V. Jesse Friedman, conducted by Nassau County DA Kathleen Rice, it was revealed that a witness (Witness 14) had felt tricked by filmmaker Andrew Jarecki.

Filmmaker Andrew Jarecki Tricked Witness

“In an edited interview done by the filmmakers, Witness 14 specifically disclaimed acts he once described to police in sworn statements. But, in light of the entire interview, and the witness’s subsequent statements to the Review Team, the ‘recantation’ is not credible. For instance, though Witness 14 told the filmmakers that he did not recall being abused by the Friedmans, he went on to state unequivocally that others were abused—’stuff really did happen,’ he said, and added that pornography was present in the classroom. And Witness 14 also balked at participating in an attempt to exonerate Jesse Friedman: ‘I’m certainly not, not going to sit there and let Jesse Friedman off the hook for what . . . he did to people that I know about.’ […] He explained that he had not told his wife or his children anything about his involvement in the 1987 case, and that he was upset to learn that his previous conversation with Andrew Jarecki had been covertly recorded. In late April, 2013, Witness 14 was informed that Jesse’s attorney, Ron Kuby, was seeking a court order requiring disclosure of witness statements to police, and grand jury testimony. In response, Witness 14 hired counsel, and informed the Review Team that he felt ‘tricked’ by Andrew Jarecki, and that he stood by the statement he made to the Review Team.”


Read the full reinvestigation that highlights the manipulative tactics used by Andrew Jarecki online at Nassaucountyny.gov.



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