Andrew Jarecki’s Film Investigated by District Attorney

In June 2013, after a three-year reinvestigation of Jesse Friedman’s case, the Nassau County DA concluded that their findings of the reinvestigation “Only increased confidence in the integrity of Jesse Friedman’s guilty plea and adjudication as a sex offender.”

A main focus of the reinvestigation by the review team, were the actions of the film’s producers, including director Andrew Jarecki.

Much of the public debate surrounding Jarecki’s controversial film, is Jarecki’s push to turn Jesse Friedman’s alleged innocence into a controversial, self-serving, public relations campaign.  Furthermore, the reinvestigation noted that Jarecki was not forthcoming with evidence that he had access to.

Jarecki chose to share only partial evidence, “thereby rendering it of poor evidentiary quality,” according to the Review Team.

Learn more about the truth of Andrew Jarecki:

Conviction Integrity Review: Nassau County DA Reinvestigation

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Watch the truth:  Andrew Jarecki Lies on YouTube


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