Andrew Jarecki Violates Privacy Rights, Secretly Records Conversation

When the Nassau County District Attorney’s Office, preformed an Integrity Review of Jesse Friedman’s case, a witness reported that the director of Capturing the Friedmans, Andrew Jarecki, covertly recorded his conversation during a prior discussion.  The

This is one of the many claims that reveal Andrew Jarecki abused the victims privacy rights to better himself, and the attention his film would receive.

“‘stuff really did happen,’ the witness said, and added that pornography was present in the classroom. And Witness 14 also balked at participating in an attempt to exonerate Jesse Friedman: ‘I’m certainly not, not going to sit there and let Jesse Friedman off the hook for what . . . he did to people that I know about.’ “

Read more about this story on Andrew Jarecki Reviews.



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