Jesse Friedman Gets Court Hearing To Clear His Name

Jesse Friedman served 13 years in prison after confessing to molesting children who went to take computer classes at his father’s Long Island home in the 1980s, the New York Daily News reported.  But now Friedman fights to clear his name, and film director Andrew Jarecki is helping him.
What’s wrong with this picture?

Hey, Parents: are you okay with a convicted child molester clearing his name of any wrong doing?

Why would a hollywood film director be involved in advocating for a child molester?  Andrew Jarecki is involved because the recent press surrounding Jesse Friedman, is generating more attention for his film.  Therefor, Andrew Jarecki is in a position to make more money off of his film, Capturing the Friedmans.  Andrew Jarecki is using Jesse Friedman as his puppet.  Can this man be trusted?

Andrew Jarecki

Andrew Jarecki, making up more lies.


Andrew Jarecki Violates Privacy Rights, Secretly Records Conversation

When the Nassau County District Attorney’s Office, preformed an Integrity Review of Jesse Friedman’s case, a witness reported that the director of Capturing the Friedmans, Andrew Jarecki, covertly recorded his conversation during a prior discussion.  The

This is one of the many claims that reveal Andrew Jarecki abused the victims privacy rights to better himself, and the attention his film would receive.

“‘stuff really did happen,’ the witness said, and added that pornography was present in the classroom. And Witness 14 also balked at participating in an attempt to exonerate Jesse Friedman: ‘I’m certainly not, not going to sit there and let Jesse Friedman off the hook for what . . . he did to people that I know about.’ “

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Newsday Blasts Andrew Jarecki’s Manipulation and Omission of Fact

While much of the world didn’t bother to look or investigate, Newsday did the responsible thing and got the truth from the victims who had to face disgusting acts from the Friedmans.

Andrew JareckiNewsday spoke to the victims, who had no choice but to relive the worst days of their lives since Andrew Jarecki decided to create a film that painted them as liars, when in fact it is Mr. Jarecki that is the liar.

Two men who refer to themselves as victims — Gregory and a man who is now 24 — have written the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to say the film does not deserve an Oscar. “We were abused, tortured, and humiliated by Arnold and Jesse Friedman,” the letter states, while complaining that Jesse Friedman “is being paraded like a celebrity while we have been left in the shadows, powerless and voiceless once again.”

“My testimony was twisted in the movie, and I am here to set the record straight that this did happen and I am not afraid,” said Gregory.

The film and the court challenge have brought pain and outrage to the young men in their 20s trying to rebuild their lives. It has reluctantly brought them out of their silence. And, for the first time since the case surfaced, many of them are commenting on the documentary and the court motion — one in his own voice, one through an interview with his parents and his own written statement, and four through a lawyer hired to speak on their behalf and protect their privacy. The six reached by Newsday say the film is misleading, and they want Jesse Friedman’s conviction to stand.

The victims have been rightfully backed up by law enforcement officials as it continues to be pointed out that Jarecki lied and omitted facts when producing the film.

Director and co-producer Andrew Jarecki has been criticized by law enforcement officials, the boys who testified, and those close to them for allegedly manipulating crucial facts and leaving others out entirely to enhance the dramatic effect of the film. Goldstein isn’t mentioned, and the accusers appear only briefly in the film.

The retired detective who led the investigation, and appears in the film, now wishes she had never cooperated with Jarecki. “I regret the effect on the victims,” Frances Galasso said.

“To call Jarecki’s work an investigation is ridiculous because he didn’t speak to most victims. How can you interview two victims … to say it didn’t happen,” said retired Judge Abbey Boklan, who heard the original case.

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