Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

Victims Plead Academy to Discount Director Andrew Jarecki’s Film

It has been cited by several  sources that the Director of the film Capturing the Friedmans, Andrew Jarecki, skewed evidence and interviews given by victims.  The victims stated that Jarecki’s film portrayed them as if they had invented their stories to satisfy an overzealous Nassau County police force.   As a result, the deceived victims reached out to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, when Jarecki’s film was nominated for an Oscar.

According the the New York Times, the victims letter to the Academy stated:

We did not lie. We did not exaggerate. We were never hypnotized to tell our stories.  If the film wins an Oscar, it will be won at the expense of silencing the plaintive voices of abused children once again, just as our own voices were silenced 16 years ago by the threats and intimidation of our tormentors.

The victims went on to express that Jarecki had twisted the facts in the film to make it appear that they had.  The Academy had no comment to make when asked by the New York Times, and the film’s nomination remained.

To learn more about the damaging effects Andrew Jarecki’s film has caused the victims and their families, visit the Andrew Jarecki Lie’s Facebook page.