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Andrew Jarecki Calls District Attorney’s Investigation “Superficial”

In an interview with the Daily News, filmmaker Andrew Jarecki refers to the Nassau County district attorney’s investigation as a “superficial probe.”  Jarecki felt that his own investigation was “far more thorough” than the district attorney’s.

How thorough was Jarecki’s research? Not thorough at all, as highlighted in the three-year reinvestigation conducted by the Nassau County district attorney.

It was a documentary loaded with fiction,” as stated by the Daily News. “The Nassau County DA’s office blasted the 2003 film ‘Capturing the Friedmans’ as misleading, and accused the moviemakers of interfering with the probe they were responsible for reopening. The report said the filmmakers misrepresented comments from an investigator and the judge presiding over the case, and took at face value comments by one victim that he was ‘hypnotized,’ when there’s no evidence of such.”

By claiming his own personal investigation is superior to the district attorney’s investigation, Andrew Jarecki insults the investigators of the Nassau County district attorney’s office, as well as the victims.  In fact, the reinvestigation revealed that Andrew Jarecki would not hand over some of the evidence under his control, and refused to hand over the unedited versions of interviews used in the production of his film.  Andrew Jarecki has no regard for the emotional damage inflicted upon the victims.


Andrew Jarecki Failed to Provide Crucial Evidence To Investigators

At the start of the reinvestigation of Jesse Friedman’s case led by Nassau County District Attorney, four experts were assigned to the official Review Team in order to cover every aspect of the case, the Review Team sought to utilize every available source.  When they contacted Andrew Jarecki, the controversial film director of Capturing the Friedmans, the Review Team was promised information from the victim interviews conducted by Jarecki, that would “greatly benefit the review team’s efforts.”

Throughout the reinvestigation, Andrew Jarecki proved to be non-compliant, requesting unrealistic demands concerning his role in the reinvestigation.  As a result, the promised information from Andrew Jarecki, did not emerge.  In fact, only snippets of recorded interviews were given by Anew Jarecki.  Multiple key interviews conducted by Jarecki were never shared at all, according to the Review Team:

Andrew Jarecki

Understand the real story behind Andrew Jarecki and the intentions of his film. His manipulative efforts show his complete disregard for the victims and families involved.  Learn more about the deceit and lies of Andrew Jarecki on YouTube.

Victims Speak Out Against Andrew Jarecki’s Distorted Interviews

In the Conviction Integrity Review, commissioned by Kathleen Rice, Nassau Country District Attorney, statements from the interviewed victims reveal that Capturing the Friedman’s Director Andrew Jarecki, distorted interviews and withheld pertinent information.

The document also highlights that Andrew Jarecki claimed to have interviewed with ten victims.  Yet, the interviews conducted by Jarecki were not in cooperation with the District Attorney’s office.  Andrew Jarecki also withheld some of his notes and transcripts from these interviews, according to the court report.

In the report, Witness #2 described that Andrew Jarecki convinced him to “recline” during his interview.  Witness #2 also stated that he regretted participating in the film because of how much Andrew Jarecki distorted his interview:

Andrew Jarecki Distorted Interview

Andrew Jarecki Distorted Interviews

Andrew Jarecki’s behavior, as outlined in this report, is deceptive, shady, and untrustworthy.  It is apparent that certain manipulative strategies were used by Andrew Jarecki, in order to swing the ambiguity of the film in his favor.  Andrew Jarecki cannot be trusted for his selfish actions against the abused victims, for his own personal gain.

Read more about Andrew Jarecki distorting the truth and withholding valuable information in the Nassau County report.

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