Child-Abuse Experts Point Out Jarecki Intentionally Omitted Damning Evidence Against The Friedmans

In article published by the Seattle Times, Video Writer Mark Rahner states that Andrew Jarecki’s film, Capturing the Friedmans, may be a misnomer according to child-abuse experts.

According to Rahner, child-abuse experts pointed out that Andrew Jarecki intentionally omitted lots of damning evidence:

The Seattle TimesDirector Andrew Jarecki intentionally omitted lots of damning evidence against the Friedmans to maintain a “Rashomon”-like film with no clear judgments — and effectively acting as son Jesse Friedman’s advocate…” Rahner goes on to say, “To make an entertaining movie, Jarecki never answers the “How guilty” question.”

Several media outlets have published stories regarding Andrew Jarecki’s manipulative tactics in the product of his film.  This website serves as a source to educate the public on the investigations of Andrew Jarecki and reveal the truth.

It is all too typical that we see those in a position of power and money, take advantage of innocent people in order to better themselves.  In this instance, its a film director, Andrew Jarecki, who has no regard for the sexually abused victims involved in the case or their families.  Any type of abuse is  a serious matter that should not be taken lightly.  Victims of abuse should be treated with dignity and respect.

Andrew Jarecki | Seattle Times

Andrew Jarecki intentionally omitted evidence


Read the full story about Andrew Jarecki on The Seattle Times website.


NY Daily News: Andrew Jarecki Failed To Provide Comprehensive Account

In an article published by the New York Daily News, Dareh Gregorian exposes film director Andrew Jarecki for failing to provide a comprehensive account of entire case against Jesse Friedman, for which was the basis of Jarecki’s film, ‘Capturing the Friedmans’.

The conclusion reached by the Nassau County District Attorney’s three-year reinvestigation into the case, was that Jesse Friedman, was not wrongfully convicted.  The 172-page report also criticized director Andrew Jarecki for using misleading, out-of-context snippets of interviews to further his campaign to absolve Friedman and to create ambiguity in his film.

“‘Capturing the Friedmans’ was a provocative and entertaining movie, but it was not an exhaustive account of the entire case against Jesse Friedman. The Review Team had to go behind the excerpts and sound bites that the producers used in the film and other ‘reels’ and exhibits the producers have produced over the course of this re-investigation,”

According to the Daily News, the Nassau County District Attorney’s report also claimed Andrew Jarecki would not hand over some of the evidence under his control.  Withheld evidence included:

  • Unedited versions of interviews with Jesse Friedman
  • Unedited versions of interviews with Jesse Friedman family members
  • Unedited versions of interviews with another co-defendant involved in the case

Furthermore, Andrew Jarecki told the Daily News that he felt his investigation was far more thorough than the “DA’s ‘superficial’ probe.”

Andrew Jarecki continues to face a great deal of scrutiny for the deceitful tactics he used while making his film, ‘Capturing the Friedmans’.