Six Victims Expose Andrew Jarecki for Falsifying Film

Sharon Waxman, a correspondent for the New York Times, reported that film director Andrew Jarecki has been criticized by six former victims of his film, “Capturing the Friedmans.” (Watch Andrew Jarecki Exposed on YouTube for more information about why the director has been criticized).

In Waxman’s interview, the victims expose Andrew Jarecki for his misrepresentation of evidence in his film.  In the production of his film, in which he asserts was a fair representation of the Friedmans investigation, Andrew Jarecki omitted and distorted evidence, as well as other imperative information about the case.

“The six are suggesting that the director, Andrew Jarecki, created more ambiguity than actually existed about the case both to heighten the dramatic impact of the film and to elicit sympathy for the Friedmans.”

Read the full article on the New York Times website.

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Andrew Jarecki

New York Times: “Victims Say Film on Molesters Distorts Facts”