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Andrew Jarecki Stacked the Deck to Conceal Significant Evidence:

In a review, Kathy Butler from Psychotherapy Networker, compares Andrew Jarecki’s film, “Capturing the Friedmans” to the book Predators: Pedophiles, Rapists, and Other Sex Offenders.  Written by clinical psychologist Dr. Anna Salter, the book details the tactics, psychology, and deception techniques used by predators and why so few sexual predators are caught.  Butler analyses Dr. Salter’s findings and takes a deeper look at the production of Jarecki’s film.

Butler says Andrew Jarecki had eagerness to manipulate viewers to empathize with the Friedman’s.  She notes that  Jarecki’s film is shot from a liberal, empathic viewpoint and that Jarecki stacked the deck in his favor in order to mask significant evidence of the Friedman’s guilt:

This is a struggle that Jarecki himself didn’t master.  In his eagerness to make his viewers empathize with the Friedmans’ humanity, he stacked the deck to conceal significant evidence of their guilt. He filmed one high school buddy vouching for Jesse. But he didn’t mention–perhaps because it would have damaged the movie’s dramatic uncertainty–19-year-old Ross Goldstein, a schoolmate of Jesse’s who helped out at the computer class and admitted that he, too, had participated in sexually abusing some of the younger boys.

Nor did Jarecki include footage of a Geraldo! program in which Jesse, by phone from prison, pled for a reduced sentence and described his own prior sexual abuse by his father. Jarecki has said in interviews that Goldstein didn’t want to be included and that he couldn’t obtain the Geraldo! tape.

Jarecki’s film makes much of the fact that investigators charged that Jesse had banged children’s heads against the wall, photographed them sexually, and threatened and coerced them, but no photographs or evidence of violence were ever found.

Butler stresses that we need to gain a clear perspective on child abusers.  According to Butler, one in every six houses, will in some way be affected by child sex abuse.   Andrew Jarecki is heartless and insensitive to sexually abused victims and their families.   A solution is needed to effectively protect children from predators and greedy monsters like Andrew Jarecki.

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